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Collin Street Bakery Staff

Corsicana My Hometown is Dedicated to the hardworking men and women
of Collin Street Bakery by an anonymous donor, who like many of you
worked at the Bakery during "Fruitcake Season" growing up.

Please help us identify everyone in the photo above, which was taken ca. 1982. We have already identified the following people:

[1st row, left to right sitting]:
Unknown, Barbara Tackett, Brenda Russell, Ernest Hudson, Albert McAdams, Robert McDade

[2nd row starting with black gentleman on the left]:
Unknown, Paula Summitt Cook, Debbie Spicer, Xina Matthews, Camille McClanahan, Karen Platner, Kaye Bingham Hines, Sybil Brister, Terry Green, Mike Sergei

[3rd row starting with the gentleman in orange]:
Norman Shaw, [Skip to lady in Orange], Debbie Scruggs Watson, Sara Nelson, Max Still

[Last Row starting with gentleman in white]:
L. William McNutt, Jr., Jerry Grimmett

If you can identify others in the picture, send us an email to

A lot of people who grew up in Corsicana were set on shakin' the dust of our unique town off their feet and going to see the world. But after a while, they are not afraid to admit they grow tired of the big city hubbub and want to reconnect with the place they call home. Like Judy Garland (Dorothy) says at the end of the Wizard of Oz, there is "no place like home."

This site is the home for an effort to encourage folks like you to reconnect using Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram,Twitter and Youtube, to rekindle memories and help Corsicana grow. The more past and current citizens we can get involved the better chance we have in bring additional jobs, events and people to the county seat of Navarro County.

In short, "Who Do You Know" who can help Corsicana grow? If you have a classmate, friend or relative who works for a company / organization that needs to relocate or open a new office/plant please contact us here or send us an email at

If you have an idea for a new event to bring people to our city, please send us a quick e mail by using this link.

Finally, if you know a person who wants to relocate their family or retire to a great city or close by Richmond Chambers lake please shoot us a communication here.

As Jimmy Stewart (George Bailey) says in the movie It's a Wonderful Life:

"The folks who do working and paying and living and dying in this community care. They care about each other."
Thanks for being a part of our effort.