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Our Social Media Outlets

There are eight (8) different ways in which you can join, follow, communicate or network with people who love Corsicana us, or contribute directly to Corsicana My Hometown. We have six (6) social media outlets, which are: Most of these outlets, in particular Facebook with currently about 400 Corsicana My Hometown group members (and growing quickly), are already very active. So don't hesitate and come join us!

In addition we have the Corsicana My Hometown Blog where you can read interesting posts and stories from Corsicana, written by fellow Corsicanians. Of course you can also comment on these blog posts.

Finally, you can contact us directly by using our Contact Form, or by sending us an email directly to

Our Rules

When you join us and contribute there are not many rules and they are common-sense:
  • No political discussions. No discussion of any illegal activities.
  • Posted photos must relate in some way to the Corsicana and Navarro County area
  • No spamming or solicitation (with the exception of fundraisers and other beneficial events).
  • Please adhere to common sense and courtesy in your posts. What you post reflects your personality and character.
Please keep discussions and contributions respectful to our community and the people living in Corsicana. Constructive criticism is welcome and we want to encourage it as a positive way to improve our community, but we will not permit - and immediately delete - mindless bashing of town or community as a whole, or personal attacks against individuals, be it administrative, officials, or otherwise.